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16 North Franklin Street | Suite 306 | Doylestown, PA 18901




·  Provide support, tools and resources

·  Allow for healing from emotional injuries

·  Lead to greater self awareness and acceptance

·  Open and improve communications with family, friends & co-workers.

·  Lead to enhanced intimacy in relationships.

The challenges that present themselves in our lives may exceed what we feel we can understand, cope with or act on in productive ways. We find ways to manage, but sometimes we do not have the support, information or resources that are required to meet life's complex demands in the manner in which we would like.



People seek out therapy for many different reasons.  Perhaps there is a desire for support, for information, for relief from pain.  Perhaps treatment is being considered to address events from long ago or to cope with a new stressor that has emerged.

Sometimes people get into relationships with other people or things that they know are hurtful, and yet, it is hard to change these destructive patterns.  Past hurts, emotional injuries, habits of behavior and rhythms of life can work to keep unhealthy choices in place.

Therapy is a joint experience with a neutral person to guide and assist in the process of discovery and healing.  It is a big step and a positive step towards feeling better and living more peacefully.  Although it may seem difficult to embark on this exploration, it can be deeply rewarding.

The truth is that people often spend great energy trying to keep what they “know” outside of their awareness.  Therapy can create a safe space to explore experiences, hurts, thoughts, relationships and meaning.

I invite you to call and speak directly with me about what is going on for you and what you are looking for out of therapy.  Every person and each situation is unique.  Together we can determine how best to proceed.

Therapy can lead to a life that is more honest, positive and peaceful.
Therapy can help people become more aware of their
thoughts and feelings
and more in control of their behavior and choices.
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